“Wordplay” in Ancient Near Eastern Texts

Scott B. Noegel


Series: Ancient Near East MonographsVolume: 26
Publisher: SBL PressPublication Date: 2021 ISBN: 26


This book from Scott B. Noegel offers a comparative, in-depth study of “wordplay” in ancient Near Eastern texts. Noegel establishes comprehensive taxonomies for the many kinds of devices that scholars label as wordplay and for their proposed functions. The consistent terminology proposed offers students and scholars of Sumerian, Akkadian, Egyptian, Ugaritic, Hebrew, and Aramaic a useful template for documenting and understanding the devices they discover and for comparing them across languages for a rich interdisciplinary dialogue.

Scott B. Noegel is Professor of Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization at the University of Washington. He has authored, coauthored, and edited ten books and more than ninety articles on diverse topics related to ancient Near Eastern languages, literature, and culture, including Nocturnal Ciphers: The Allusive Language of Dreams in the Ancient Near East (2007) and Solomon’s Vineyard: Literary and Linguistic Studies in the Song of Songs (coauthored with Gary A. Rendsburg, 2009).