The Early Middle Ages

Franca Ela Consolino and Judith Herrin, editors


Series: Bible and WomenVolume: 6.1
Publisher: SBL PressPublication Date: 2020 ISBN: 15


The latest volume in the Bible and Women series examines the relationship between women and the Bible’s reception during the early Middle Ages (500–1100 CE) in both the Greek East and the Latin West. Essays focus on interactions between women and the Bible through biblical precepts on women and for women, biblical women as the subjects of action or objects of discussion, and writings by women that refer to the Bible as a moral authority.

Franca Ela Consolino is Professor of Latin Language and Literature at the University of L’Aquila, Italy. She is the editor of Ovid in Late Antiquity (2018) and Aspetti del meraviglioso nelle letterature medievali (2016).

Judith Herrin is Professor Emerita and Constantine Leventis Senior Research Fellow at the College of Hellenic Studies, King’s College London. She is the author of Unrivalled Influence: Women and Authority in Byzantium (2013) and Byzantium: The Surprising Life of a Medieval Empire (2007).