Paul Unbound: Other Perspectives on the Apostle

Mark D. Given, editor


Series: Emory Studies in Early ChristianityVolume: 25
Publisher: SBL PressPublication Date: 2022 ISBN: N/A


As long as there are readers of Paul, there will be always be other perspectives.”

The essays in this second edition of Paul Unbound: Other Perspectives on the Apostle provide introductions to Paul’s relationship to and views on the Roman Empire, first-century economic stratification, his opponents, ethnicity, the law, Judaism, women, and Greco-Roman rhetoric. Contributors Warren Carter, Charles H. Cosgrove, A. Andrew Das, Steven J. Friesen, Mark D. Given, Deborah Krause, Mark D. Nanos, and Jerry L. Sumney have added addendums to their original essays and updated the bibliography to take into account scholarship produced in the decade since the publication of the first edition. The collection provides essential background and sets out new directions for study useful to students of the New Testament and Paul’s letters.


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Mark D. Given, editor

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Emory Studies in Early Christianity