Matthew within Judaism: Israel and the Nations in the First Gospel

Anders Runesson and Daniel M. Gurtner, editors


Series: Early Christianity and Its LiteratureVolume: 27
Publisher: SBL PressPublication Date: 2020 ISBN: 06


ln this collection of essays, leading New Testament scholars reassess the reciprocal relationship between Matthew and Second Temple Judaism. While some contributions explore the characterization of Jesus, his allies and opponents, and Jews and gentiles, others examine the portrayal of the temple and its destruction, law, and ritual. Each study sheds light on Matthew’s place within Judaism, and the volume opens up fresh directions for New Testament studies.

Anders Runesson is Professor of New Testament at the University of Oslo, Norway. His publications include the award-winning Divine Wrath and Salvation in Matthew: The Narrative World of the First Gospel (2016), The Origins of the Synagogue: A Sociohistorical Study (2001), and Judaism for Gentiles: Reading Paul beyond the Parting of the Ways Paradigm (forthcoming).

Daniel M. Gurtner is the author of Exodus: A Commentary on the Greek Text of Codex Vaticanus (2013) and Second Baruch: A Critical Edition of the Syriac Text (2009). With Loren T. Stuckenbruck, he is the coeditor of the award-winning T&T Clark Encyclopedia of Second Temple Judaism (2 vols., 2020). He is currently writing the Word Biblical Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew.