Caring for the Dead in Ancient Israel

Kerry M. Sonia


Series: Archaeology and Biblical StudiesVolume: 27
Publisher: SBL PressPublication Date: 2020 ISBN: 18


In Caring for the Dead in Ancient Israel, Kerry M. Sonia examines the commemoration and care for the dead in ancient Israel against the broader cultural backdrop of West Asia. This cult of dead kin, referred to as ancestor cult in some previous studies, in ancient West Asia comprised a range of ritual practices in which the living provided food and drink offerings, constructed commemorative monuments, invoked the names of the dead, and protected their remains.

Kerry M. Sonia is Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at Colby College. She specializes in the Hebrew Bible and Israelite religion, and her work seeks to situate the religious ideologies and practices in the biblical text in their ancient Near Eastern context.